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Pie Creek Community Hall

Pie Creek Community Hall

The Pie Creek Community Hall was built between 1901 – 1903, mainly by efforts of the Pie and Eel Creek Bands and was officially opened on Sunday 26th July 1903.

Built from hardwood, with a galvanised roof, fitted with guttering and spouting and a tank, it was anticipated that it would be large enough for the requirements of the district for many years to come and would be available for public meetings, religious services and socials.

In February 1967 Trusteeship was transferred to the Council of the Shire of Widgee (now Gympie Regional Council).  Due to falling membership, in November 1971 the Pie Creek Hall Committee agreed to disband and went into retirement for twenty five years.

In 1996 the impetus to bring the deteriorating Pie Creek Hall to life came from a local resident Joole Gibbs, who expressed an interest in using the venue to do something for the youth of the district. Approaches to Cr David Anderson resulted in a public meeting being called, followed by the formation of the present Pie Creek Hall Committee Inc.

The main garden area is ideal for weddings

The main garden area is ideal for weddings

The Committee adopted a concept floor plan as a multi stage working plan to be implemented over the next seven years. The result is the transformation of the Pie Creek Hall from a largely disused and neglected building to a restored multi-functional community facility.

The hall is now used extensively for celebrations such as weddings, wedding anniversaries and birthdays; meetings; community functions; election polling; musical evenings; school activities; youth and sporting functions.

The Pie Creek Community Hall Committee is now secure in knowing that they have a building worthy of any function for many many years to come.